Free resources for massive collection of Photoshop brushes

Today, I am posting a very large collection of Photoshop brushes sets for all your Photoshop brush needs. I collected all these resources found on various popular blogs. Click on each link to visit those blog post and  download the brushes and create stuffing effects for your design works.

50 Photoshop Brush Collections – 1000s of Brushes

20 Awesome High Quality Abstract Photoshop Brushes Sets

20+ Impressive Collection of FREE Photoshop Brush Sets

50 Must-Have Photoshop Brushes

How to install brushes

  • Download and unzip the files in your computer
  • Copy and paste the .abr files to Presets
  • Brushes in your Adobe Photoshop folder
  • Go to Photoshop, click Edit (from the menu) and click Preset Manager
  • Select Brushes from the dropdown of the Preset Manager popup box
  • Click “Load” button on the right side of the popup box
  • Select the .abr file and click “Load” button and then click “Done” button and the brushes are installed
  • You may need to repeat the same process from point #5 to load more brush sets

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