48+ Fantastic WordPress Themes from ThemeForest

On of WordPress’s key advantages is the wide and diverse catalogue of themes available for the platform, created by the design community. Some of the most popular premium (premium, by design, of course) themes come from our parent company Envato’s very own marketplace, ThemeForest, which hosts some fantastic web, mobile and WordPress themes.
In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at 50 of the best WordPress themes available on the ThemeForest marketplace, across a variety of categories. There’s tons of brilliant themes from a variety of WordPress developers across the internet, but we wanted to showcase some of the amazing themes coming out from the freelancers and businesses that sell themes on ThemeForest. You might just find one that perfect for your next blog, or two, or three.

Blog/Magazine Themes

The first category we’re going to take a look at is blog and magazine themes, which hosts a number of great templates for blogs at any scale.


Boldframe is a responsive theme that follows the style of Facebook and other sites that are utilising the trend of timeline-based designs. The single column of content is aligned to a running line down the page, naturally positioned chronologically, with posts, videos and images stuck on.
The theme includes support not only for WordPress’s core functions, but comes included with a selection of useful third-party plugins.
Price: $35 Developer: ithi

"Boldframe - blog & portfolio for creatives"

Sofa Lathika

Sofa Lathika is a clean, responsive blog template, made with bloggers in mind. It utilises WordPress’s custom post types to allow a post to have an icon associated, highlighting what type of content it is. Included is also a page template for handling your portfolio, which looks pretty nice.
Being responsive, it works great across a number of resolutions, built off the Skeleton CSS framework.
Price: $40 Developer: feeleep

"Sofa Lathika - Responsive Blog | Portfolio"


Juxter is a beautiful, clean WordPress theme that’s perfect for so many uses, especially portfolio and product-oriented sites. Juxter features a variety of templates within the theme, and a ton of customizable options include integration with over 500 fonts from the Google Web Fonts directory.
Price: $45 Developer: JanzeSiaro

"Juxter: Powerful & Elegant WP Theme"

Reason WP

Reason is a “radically customizable”, responsive theme that not only looks great, but is available in three skins and ten homepage layouts. It’s built on the developer’s Super Skeleton framework, which means it works great on all sizes, even down to mobile.
Price: $45 Developer: epicera

"Reason WP: Smart, Responsive, Customizable"

The Daily Press

The Daily Press is a beautiful WordPress theme that offers up the feel of a newspaper, with the heavy use of serif-based fonts throughout, in a similar fashion to websites like The New York Times and such. The developer even has a nice video-based walkthrough of the theme, if you’re interested.
Price: $45 Developer: theMOLITOR

"The Daily Press: Super Simple WP Publication Theme"


The minimally named A is another WordPress theme aimed at the sole blogger, “created with readability in mind”. That really is true, with a nice use of serif typography in various parts throughout the theme, while most of the non-post content is kept to a soothing minimum.
Price: $35 Developer: ithi

"A - Personal Blog WordPress Theme"


Avenue is a very feature-rich magazine theme for WordPress that deservingly advertises itself as a theme that’s “suitable for almost any niche”. While it’s a great on it’s own, just as a theme, Avenue adds a review system to WordPress, allowing you to easily turn your blog into a full-blown reviews site.
Price: $45 Developer: ThemeSector

"Avenue - A WordPress Magazine Theme"


Sprout’s a very nice blog/magazine theme with ten unique styles that can help you change the look and feel of the theme. You can even let users select the background they most like, storing it as their personal default for future visits.
Price: $40 Developer: wpbandit

"Sprout - Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme"

Retro Portfolio

Retro Portfolio is just that a portfolio theme that’s got a retro vibe. And it looks beautiful. The one-page theme uses typography fantastically to create a vintage look and feel throughout the design and it’s five core sections.
Price: $35 Developer: opendept

"Retro Portfolio - One Page Vintage WordPress Theme"


Gonzo is a very nice, responsive magazine theme that looks fantastic in a range of sizes, from large desktop down to mobile. Included is an intuitive reviews system based off both stars and percentile ratings.
Price: $45 Developer: OllieMcCarthy

"Gonzo - Clean, Responsive WP Magazine"

Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels is a theme for “the blogger who takes pride in their appearance”, featuring a clean, almost Tumblr-ish style and fully customizable through a variety of editable options.
Price: $45 Developer: OrmanClark

"Premium Pixels: Fancy Pants Blog / Magazine Theme"


Broadway is a pretty nice theme that too features a built-in review system and integration into WordPress custom post types to create audio, photo and video entries with ease. Not only can you review items, but your users can input their own ratings when you post!
Price: $40 Developer: ThemeSector

"Broadway - A WordPress Magazine Theme"

Me Gusta!

Me Gusta! is a beautiful, minimalist theme that not only looks great, but adds some really nice functionality to WordPress. You can navigate the theme with your keyboard, mark posts as NSFW, make posts “hot” and comment with Facebook.
Price: $50 Developer: virusnac

"Me Gusta! User-driven Content Sharing Theme"


wpTraveller is an amazing, beautiful theme for anyone running a site based around travel or locations. With a large, Google-powered map up top, and a focus on big images and video, wpTraveller is just the perfect place to showcase your travels.
wpTraveller is just the perfect theme for travelers, or even developers who just want to check out some of the awesome integration involved!
Price: $45 Developer: purethemes

"wpTraveller - WordPress Travel Photo blog"


The next category is all about themes for creative people showcasing their work in beautiful portfolio-style themes.

King Size

King Size is a beautiful photography theme with a sliding background that takes the full screen, perfect for showcasing your work. If you want to showcase some of your work, King Size puts it right at the front in an amazing theme.
Price: $50 Developer: Denoizzed

"King Size - fullscreen background WordPress theme"


Dandelion is a clean, elegant WordPress theme that even allows you to build up your custom skin for the template with the admin panel. Included are three jQuery-powered sliders and three portfolio gallery functions.
Price: $45 Developer: pexeto

"Dandelion - Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme"


Classica is a minimalist portfolio theme, “free from gimmick and trend”, that includes two portfolio page layouts and four custom widgets with social integration.
Price: $50 Developer: OrmanClark

"Classica: Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio Theme"

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang is another minimalist portfolio theme, with a fantastic use of typography. It just looks really nice and is apparently super easy to customise in it’s powerful administration panel.
Price: $45 Developer: onioneye

"Yin & Yang: Clear and Slick WP Portfolio Theme"


RockWell’s a great portfolio and blog theme that uses big, bold typography to create a stunning theme. Not only does it look great, but RockWell includes a ton of templates for categories (43 of them!), single posts and pages, alongside thirty unique shortcodes.
Price: $45 Developer: freshface

"RockWell - Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme"


Village is another great photography theme offering up a big, full-screen showcase of your work with overlaid text that just looks fantastic. Village includes six different fullscreen slides, making it pretty versatile to whatever context you’d like to use it in.
Price: $45 Developer: ThemeProvince

"Village - An Awesome Fullscreen WordPress Theme"


Just like some of the photography themes we’ve already mentioned, CONTRAST puts your content right at the front, with a contrasting overlay of white boxes forming the navigation. It’s all animated, and works as well as it looks.
Price: $40 Developer: Themolution



ShapeShifter is a single-page theme with “infinite possibilities”, and a literally unlimited set of colour options alongside the five ready-made ones. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t necessarily stretch over numerous pages, this might just be the one for you.
Price: $35 Developer: epicera

"ShapeShifter - One Page, Infinite Possibilities."

Corporate and Retail

These themes are all about using WordPress to power a more traditional website, rather than a blog, showcasing your company.

Kid’s Voice School

Kid’s Voice School is a well-designed theme aimed around children, a great option for a school, childcare organization or other youth-oriented organization’s site. Included are ten colour variations, a bunch of alternative layouts and other areas to easily customize.
Price: $40 Developer: Aislin

"Kid's Voice School WordPress Theme"


Artica is a responsive, modern theme designed with a clean, elegant blue palette that’s great to present your service or product with.
Price: $50 Developer: ait

"Arctica Responsive WordPress Theme"


Guesthouse is a corporate WordPress theme for accommodation and leisure business, such as hotels, campsites, golf course, sports clubs, etc. Fantastically, you can even use the theme to facilitate reservations for both rooms and activities, or really any type of site that requires simple reservations.
Price: $50 Developer: ait

"Guesthouse - Hotel & Sport Center 2in1 Premium Theme"

Hotel Classica

Hotel Classica is a clean, minimalist WordPress theme best used for hotel and travel websites, fitting in with the general layout of websites of this kind.
Price: $40 Developer: templatesquare

"Hotel Classica - Clean Minimalist WordPress Theme"


Company is a responsive, elegant WordPress theme aimed at corporate and business websites with included blog and portfolio page templates. It’s very easily adapted into a site suitable for any company, and well worth your thirty-five dollars.
Price: $35 Developer: templatesquare

"Company - Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme"


Nubee is a very nice business/corporate WordPress theme that dedicates a massive portion above the fold to showcasing hero images and text for your product.
Price: $45 Developer: HawkTheme

"Nubee - Clean Business WordPress Theme"


Liquid is a sleek, responsive WordPress theme suitable for both business or personal portfolio use, including a variety of post formats and an otherwise ton of additionally functionality to WordPress, as well as a great theme.
Price: $40 Developer: Dannci

"Liquid - Responsive Portfolio Theme"


Autotrader is a very nice, clean classified ads site for both automobile trading and real estate, including some pretty interesting front-end ad submission tools for your users. Additionally, there’s PayPal integration so users can create featured ads and pay you through the service.
Price: $50 Developer: CEBE

"Autotrader - Car Classified Theme"


Highrise is a “modern”, responsive, WordPress 3.4-compatible theme that’s great for showing off not only your featured products but also services, portfolio and blog posts.
Price: $45 Developer: damojo

"Highrise Responsive Business WordPress Theme"


Energized is a fully responsive, mobile ready corporate theme that feels a little different to the ones previous, but still looks great!
Price: $45 Developer: DanyDuchaine

"Energized - Responsive WordPress Theme"


Automotive is a responsive WordPress theme that’s a little niche, being designed especially for automotive listings website, coded with vehicle sales in mind. In addition to the functionality powered such vehicle listings, you also get 17 included custom widgets including for displaying business hours, broker info, agent info etc.
Price: $40 Developer: contempoinc

"WP Pro Automotive Responsive WordPress Theme"


Flagship is a beautiful, responsive business theme that is one of my favourites throughout this entire roundup. Produced by one of ThemeForest’s most popular authors, Kriesi, Flagship is an amazing theme, and comes with a plethora of branding and customization options.
Price: $45 Developer: Kriesi

"Flagship - Responsive Business and Portfolio"


LiveWeb is a WordPress theme for web hosting businesses, with a design housing your featured offers, pricing tables, testimonials and more, all powered through WordPress.
Price: $30 Developer: scripteers

"LiveWeb - WordPress Web Hosting Template"
CheerApp is a WordPress theme made for shCheerApp has been designed with showcasing apps in mind, offering a number of features to help developers promote their app.
Price: $50 Developer: pogoking

"CheerApp - App WordPress + bbPress Theme"


CleanSpace is a clean, space/sky-themed WordPress theme built to showcase your software or service. CleanSpace includes an Ajax-powered contact form, a large, hero slider, pricing tables and templates for a product tour.
Price: $40 Developer: eggbit

"CleanSpace WordPress Theme"


Grizzly is a responsive WordPress theme for showcasing apps, with a number of included features for just that purpose, such as included purchase buttons to popular app marketplaces, device templates and more.
It looks fantastic, and is especially great for developers who want to show off multiple app at once, right on their homepage.
Price: $40 Developer: wegrass

"Grizzly - Responsive App Showcase / Corporate"


This next group of themes are designed with non-profit organisations in mind, such as charities and environmental groups.


Earth is a WordPress theme produced clearly with environmental groups in mind, utilizing a natural colour palette to offer an “earthy touch”.
Price: $50 Developer: WPExplorer

"Earth - Eco/Environmental NonProfit WordPress Theme"


Relief is a theme dedicated to charities offering a layout that does their work justice, including a large slider to promote their work, an events section and a place to promote news.
Price: $40 Developer: quitenicestuff

"Relief - Charity WordPress Theme"

Green Earth

Green Earth is an environmental WordPress theme that uses greens and browns to, like one previous, produce an “earthy” look and feel, and fit the environmental style.
Included in the responsive theme is a pretty cool “page builder” function, that allows you to build up custom templates for your pages.
Price: $50 Developer: GoodLayers

"Green Earth - Environmental WordPress Theme"


These next themes are just ones that wouldn’t fit perfectly into any of the previous categories, perhaps being aimed at a more of a niche market, but are still more than worthy of a mention.


Domena is a really nice WordPress theme for hosting visitors to parked domains that is both clean, elegant and simple. Available with the spin of a variety of colours, the theme allows you to easily market your available domain, encouraging visitors to make an offer or purchase at the set price, as well as presenting statistics and the likes that will be useful.
Price: $30 Developer: reidknorr

"Domena - Domain For Sale Template"

The Novelist

The Novelist a very unique, yet beautiful, WordPress theme that presents your blog posts like pages of a book. It looks great, is responsive and includes left/right arrow key support for easy navigation.
Price: $50 Developer: theMOLITOR

"The Novelist: Responsive WP Theme for Writers"

The Navigator

From the same developer who brought you The Novelist, The Navigator is a unique WordPress theme all centered around travel and location-based sites with some excellent Google Maps introduction.
Price: $50 Developer: theMOLITOR

"The Navigator: Premium WP Location Guide + Blog"

Nine to Five

Nine to Five is another pretty unique, but functionally awesome, WordPress theme that allows WordPress to act as a jobs board, complete with Paypal-based payments, Google Maps integration for locations, Ajax-powered live filtering, resume uploaders and more, all with two skins and eight colour schemes.
Price: $40 Developer: Pixel_Press

"Nine to Five - Premium WordPress Jobs Theme"

WordPress Wiki Theme

So this theme is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of formatting your posts like a blog, it lays them out like a knowledge base.
Price: $40 Developer: valendesigns

"WordPress Wiki Theme"

Instant Q&A

Instant Q&A transformers your WordPress installation into a question and answers site, allowing you to create a searchable platform for asking and answer user queries.
Price: $40 Developer: esterndesign

"Instant Q&A"


Eventalist is a WordPress theme all about events, both displaying and creating them. Eventalist allows you to transform a blog into an events website, complete with Google maps integration.
Price: $45 Developer: cssmania

"Eventalist - Events WordPress Theme"


FoodPress is a theme that’s all about food, recipes for them in particular. FoodPress builds custom recipe posts into WordPress, allowing you to create posts instructing users how to produce various dishes, with all the relevant metadata associated. It looks great, as a theme, too!
Price: $45 Developer: sebrosen

"FoodPress - A Recipe & Food Blog WordPress Theme"

Sofa Stockphoto

Sofa Stockphoto is an excellent WordPress theme that transforms your blog into a fully-featured stock photography site. You can list images on the site, and then have users buy them with real money through PayPal, or through the built-in deposits system.
From a functionality point of the view, this theme seems awesome!
Price: $55 Developer: feeleep

"Sofa Stockphoto - WP shop with Deposit system"
Of course, there’s many other great WordPress themes available on ThemeForest. If there’s one that catches your eye that we haven’t mentioned, be sure to share in the comments below!

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