20 Folded Business Cards for Your Inspiration

Every designer needs inspirations at a regular basis. The creative designs and unique ideas of other people help them to push their boundaries and create stunning new designs. As this is a crucial thing for young, aspiring designers, we always try to feature some of the best designs and ideas from all over the internet. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with fresh and interesting ideas to help you come up with new ideas in your projects.

Continuing with our inspiration series, today we have collected some of the best folded business card designs. Business card is something that is used by all business regardless of their size, capacity or scope. And if your business card features a creative, inspiring design, you can easily draw attention from the other party. Our today’s collection includes 21 very inspiring and visually appealing business card concepts. Go through them one by one and craft your next awesome business card.
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1. Easel business card

This folded business card concept can turn into an easel. Recreating the effects we have seen in the Transformers movies, this card can easily make an interesting introduction for you.

2. Business card

Featuring an attractive contrast in color, this two-sided business card is perfect for any creative professional or corporate firms who want some new concept in their business card design.

3. Sergii Bogulavkyi Business Card

This 3D folded business card could be laid flat. And when you fold it, it becomes a nice 3D cube. In the flat mode, the initials become random lines.

4. We Are Designers Business Card

Designed for a digital design studio, this business card was intended to create a pop out effect. The cube shaped card is really a creative piece of art.

5. Pop-up business card

Being a hand-cut piece, this folded business card needs to be assembled by someone. Despite all the folding, the card is still the same size as a regular business card.

6. Tam Cargo

Designed for a cargo service, this card turns into a physical box when you fold it up. Despite the unique design, there’s too little space for the text.

7. Folded Business Card

This business card was originally designed for a dentist. Therefore, you will see an eyeglass before you open the fold and another one after you open it.

8. Laptop Business Card

Creativity to its extreme, this folded business card becomes a laptop when you unfold it! It could be the perfect choice for freelancers, computer showrooms or any other industry that is related to computers.

9. Steve Robbins Design

This uniquely designed business card features a human caricature. While that is nothing extraordinary, the magic happens when you turn the color wheel behind the caricature.

10. M – Bussines Cards

Featuring a large M, this folded business card could be used by any company whose name starts with that letter. You can do further experiment by changing the font family, dimension, texture etc.

11. Chair Visiting Card

Talking about creativity, this business card turns into a chair when you unfold it. Of course, you can’t sit on the chair, but you can definitely use it to draw attention.

12. Hinge

While you have to read the content of a business card to understand the company, this visiting card can provide an idea at the first glance. This is perfect for any hardware store, mechanic store or anything relevant.

13. Piano Business Card

If you are into music and looking for a creative business card yourself, this could be an excellent choice for you. The folding design could be used in vertical and horizontal mode too.

14. Folded Invite Card

This double-purpose folded could be used both as a business card and a miniature invitation card. The attractive design will make sure that it stands out from the crowd.

15. Casabella Furniture

If drawing attention is your first priority, then you can consider this folding business card concept too. And if your business is related to furniture, then you have come to the right place!

16. Boonco Identity

Originally designed for a cleaning company, this business card could be converted into a cleaning stand. The use of blue color has brought a clean look in the design.

17. The Dawkins Group Marketing Collateral

This is another of those designs which was created for a company, this time it was for the Dawkins group. The folded business card is accompanied by other relevant artworks.


Once you unfold this business card, you will find the hidden message, a bowl of asparagus in this case. The half-fold design is worth a closer look.

19. Documentary Journalism

Despite the simple, straightforward design, this folded business card still looks interesting. The color combination and the font choice are excellent in this design.

20. Laptop Computer Repair Business Card Design

This is the second entry in this list which becomes a laptop computer after unfolding. Designed for laptop and computer repairing shops, this card looks really cool.

21. Fold out business card

What better choice did I have to finish this list other than this folding Christmas tree business card? The card could be completely folded, which is pretty amazing.

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